Air Cooled Diesel Engines: Benefits and Applications

Like a standard diesel engine, an air-cooled one also intakes diesel oil and converts it into mechanical and electrical energy. However, a regular diesel engine uses a water-cooling system, while an air-cooled one uses high-speed fans for cooling the machinery.

Diesel engines are recognized by their power. According to observations, a diesel engine delivers 35% efficiency while a petrol one is around 25% efficient. Due to their efficiency and higher power production rates, diesel engines are used for heavy-duty tasks in agricultural, naval, and automobile industries.

The demand for a regular diesel engine is understandable but does air cooled diesel engine delivers the same efficiency and versatility or not? Let’s see more about air-cooled diesel engines and their applications.

Where Are Air-Cooled Diesel Engines Used?

When one reads or hears about diesel engines, the picture of a diesel-operating automobile pops into the mind. Air-cooled diesel engines are used in cars but have other applications.

Military Applications

One of the most common applications of air-cooled diesel engines is in the military. Heavier vehicles and transportation used air-cooled diesel engines due to their efficiency.

Secondary Power Sources

Engines are popularly used for power production as well. High-level power sources use air-cooled diesel engines to power their secondary energy production systems. A secondary power system works when the primary system is down or inaccessible.

Commercial Level Refrigeration

Refrigeration requires heavy-duty engines as well. The consumer-level refrigerators don’t need high-powered engines to work. However, air-cooled diesel engines are used in commercial plants to fuel massive refrigeration. Massive refrigerators are used in chemical industries, food processing plants, etc.

Oil Production

Oil refineries require the most high-powered equipment to carry out various tasks. Since air-cooled diesel engines provide more power and efficiency than other engines, oil production plants widely use them.


Heavy mining equipment also uses air-cooled diesel engines for operation. Mining companies prefer air-cooled design engines because they are leak-proof, as no coolant is involved. Also, the varying temperatures in the mines don’t affect the engine’s performance due to the absence of a liquid-based cooling mechanism.

Advantages Air Cooled Diesel Engines Offer

Air-cooled diesel engines are used in various industries, but what makes them preferable to regular diesel engines? Here are some of their advantages.


Unlike traditional diesel engines, air-cooled ones don’t require a liquid cooling system. Therefore, they are more compact and require fewer transportation efforts. In addition, the overall design of these engines is straightforward, so the maintenance costs and efforts are significantly less compared to non-air-cooled ones.


Efficiency is the most vital thing that an engine must ensure. Air-cooled diesel engines consume significantly less fuel than traditional ones, which makes them suitable for various applications.

Easier To Install

Air-cooled engines don’t have complex operating mechanisms, so they are significantly more straightforward to install than other units. Also, since they don’t use coolants, they are easily workable in places with extremely low temperatures.


Diesel engines are divided into two categories, depending on their cooling systems: liquid-cooled and air-cooled ones. Although numerous industries use liquid-cooled diesel engines, air-cooled ones also have their place.

Since air-cooled diesel engines are more efficient, easier to install, and versatile, they are used for heavy commercial-level projects. Despite their benefits, air-cooled diesel engines are moving out of usage rapidly because they emit harmful emissions into the environment. In simpler words, their carbon footprint is more than standard liquid-cooled diesel engines.



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