Join us on January 19th for a webcast proposed by #Munich #HR #AfterWork and discover our chosen topic of “#emotional #resilience and #regulation

Why do some situations trigger us more than others?

How can we be in control of our emotions and not the other way around?

In this workshop you’ll understand what your social rewards and threats are and specific tools on how to regulate your emotions, so you stay under control and focused on collaboration and results.

We are glad to introduce you to our speaker of the day: Maribel Ortega – speaker, coach and mentor whose mission is to inspire and empower professionals to find their worth and be confident, so they can speak up, take new opportunities and ultimately lead fulfilled lives.

Our ambition in few words: A disruptive concept proposed to Human Resources players. The HR AfterWork breaks the code of the HR function and offers, each month, to bring new solutions to HR challenges. Participants and speakers are building together what will be considered as the new usages in HR.

More than a Think Tank, this professional HR community aims at building the HR function of Tomorrow. More information can be found in our official website:


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